There’s no longer any excuse to reseed progressive at a lower level after a big jackpot win. Here’s why.

Wed 8 Jan 2020 @ 13:33

PIMS-SCA today released the second in their series of short videos for the Gaming Industry. Each video addresses a different issue faced by Gaming Operators and offers a potential solution. The current series looks at the problems faced by operators in growing a progressive jackpot after a big win – and how a solution is at hand.

The second video picks up from the first, and the challenge that posed for Gaming operators, who, having paid out on a big Jackpot, appear to be forced to reseed that Jackpot at a much lower, minimal base level.

The video shows how operators can take another route, by taking advantage of a readily available solution to deliver much bigger jackpots for progressives. PIMS-SCA’s solution shows how Operators can reseed their Jackpots after a big win at levels above £5Million for a fraction of the expected cost.