State of Slot Gaming – Part Two

Thu 14 Mar 2019 @ 11:13

In 2018, the online casino world was awash with articles about the jackpot size of several progressive jackpot multi-operator games. It felt that almost every week we were seeing ever larger jackpots and even more grinning winners. Of course, this was excellent PR for the publisher and for the well-established game developer who could then proudly but erroneously claim that it was their unique gameplay features and market placing that was driving the constantly building progressive.

And then, as the year end approached, industry attention was drawn to newer games from different providers, each also building massive jackpots. Industry speculation was rife as to which games would be next. Which supplier would be able to unlock the ‘magic’ formula and build a game of such appeal that it was capable of growing organically while building its progressive jackpot to levels capable of driving player participation even further? The world over, game developers were falling over themselves to say that they had a game with the right design, and it would be their gameplay and theirs alone that could crack it. And operators the world over were buying this because they too had bought into the myth of the magic formula (and in any event they had to try something), This truly seemed to be the only game in town.


I have touched before on the appeal of technological mysticism in our industry, after all, it has been said that it is far easier to have a firm foothold in nonsense than to set out on the troubled seas of thought. We should be asking ourselves, if it was so easy to predict success based purely on game design, format and market placing why aren’t we seeing game after game regularly drive up the jackpot? Because the truth for success is more simple, we’ve seen it come from luck – successful games have had no early winners of the seed jackpot. No great secret there. The reality is that the tools to deliver an attention grabbing jackpot based game already exist and the opportunity to do so from within your own inventory is already there. Anyone can place a jackpot behind any strong game tomorrow and, with appropriate gameplay and design, stand a far better chance of success than by simply hoping that you don’t get an early winner.

So am I worried about, or giving any headspace to, the question of which long shot game will be next? No. because it’s looking for an answer to the wrong question.