State of Slot Gaming – Part One

Thu 14 Mar 2019 @ 11:12

We all work in an industry that bases its identity on the concept of ‘show’, of big wins, of life changing impact, of beating the house. We peddle old school razzmatazz, flashing lights, dazzling colours around big numbers and dramatic sounds. We deliver escapism through the hope and dreams of a new life.

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, we’re in showbusiness.

But we’ve gone native. And like most entertainers we have forgotten that there’s more to showbusiness than show. Of course, we need to get players’ attention to drag them in, to ‘acquire’ or ‘re-engage’ them, but we should remind ourselves from time to time that this also a business. How do we make business decisions that make commercial sense? This is where we lose our way. We have as an industry convinced ourselves that the margin is in the mystery or the magic. The magic provided by new gameplay, by new formats, by new platforms, by technology.

This technology provides us with a comfort blanket. We wander open-eyed around large halls showcasing new revolutionary platforms, swallowing wholeheartedly complex mathematical algorithms along with their promise of better margins. We may then haggle and concede a per cent here and gain a per cent there of our precious margin in order to access the next versatile solution for modern iGaming. But its’s a fools’ paradise.

This is smoke and mirrors. The next big thing that is essentially the same old thing that we have seen year after year. I choose to reject these false gods. The alternative solution may be less exciting, less showy but it’s way more reliable and more commercially astute – traditional, reliable and regulated insurance. I don’t need to dilute narrow margins still further with yet another platform that I need to integrate with. I simply need a reliable policy from a provider who knows what they’re doing, that is tailored to my business and covers me for what I need to be covered for.

Sometimes, just sometimes, business is business and show is show.