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Managing your risk landscape

Risk Management

Eliminating financial risk with trusted, secure solutions

You know that your online games can deliver brilliant, compelling and engaging player experiences – but at what cost to your business?

Benefit – Focus on what really matters

The best games depend on interactivity, creativity and engagement. PIMS-SCA allow you to focus on what matters by reducing the risk of costly outcomes.

Benefit – Safeguarding you and your game

Remember, if the game or lottery has been approved by PIMS-SCA, it’s PIMS-SCA that pays out. We protect you against unwanted financial exposure.

Benefit – Enhance your reputation

Increasingly everyone is concerned about all elements of risk. By working with PIMS-SCA you can demonstrate best practice in preserving and enhancing your reputation.

Planning from experience

Unless you are experienced at running many different types of games across distinct categories, markets and audiences you may not even be aware of the risk factors that can impact upon the total cost of the game. At PIMS-SCA, we are.

We have that deep experience and use it to prioritise risk management in planning for all our gaming clients, ensuring you are protected against unnecessary financial exposure.

So what is Risk Management?

Risk Management helps protect gaming operators against incremental costs which can follow from unexpectedly large prize pay-outs or other, less than likely events. PIMS-SCA Risk Management Solutions such as prize insurance helps cover all anticipated risks to your game.

The next step…

Thinking of running a game or seeking prize coverage? We can protect you and your budget with our innovative, trusted risk management solutions.

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