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PIMS-SCA video illuminates gaming-industry solutions

Thu 28 Nov 2019 @ 16:04

PIMS-SCA today released the first in a series of short videos for the Gaming Industry. Each will address a different issue faced by Gaming Operators and offers a potential solution.

The first, teaser video, “Bigger Jackpots Now – Part One”, challenges the notion that a Gaming operator, having paid out on a Jackpot, needs to reseed that Jackpot at a much lower, minimal base level.

The video asks whether it’s a matter of resistance, laziness or complacency that prevents operators seeking out an underused yet readily available solution to bigger jackpots for progressives. PIMS-SCA have a solution that is hinted at in “Bigger Jackpots Now – Part One” and will be explained more fully in video 2.

Using real life examples from major gaming operators PIMS-SCA shows how others are able to manage this but also show the fragility of that model.


PIMS-SCA has been an established partner to the gaming industries for over 25 years. In that time they have helped deliver for some of the biggest names in the gaming, digital and lottery worlds. PIMS-SCA bring insurance expertise and secure technology together to package the right solution for clients looking to offer massive jackpot prizes.

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BravoLoto announce €500,000 jackpot winner

Mon 25 Nov 2019 @ 14:29

PIMS-SCA partner, Marketluck, have announced one lucky BravoLoto player has won the €500,000 jackpot in their Thursday 21st November draw, with the prize payout covered and paid by PIMS-SCA.

Bravoloto is a free to play, advertiser funded, lottery app downloaded by more than 8 million users. Developed by French company Marketluck, Bravoloto runs draws every day with a range of cash prizes.

Three times a week Bravoloto run a Mega Jackpot game, with a €500,000 prize on Tuesday and Thursday and a €1M prize each Sunday. All prizes for each Mega Jackpot draw are covered by PIMS-SCA who also supply the draw system.


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