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PIMS-SCA & the risk landscape for

Promotions for Gaming

PIMS-SCA uniquely positioned to add customer value through Promotions

Only PIMS-SCA gives you direct access to more than 30 years of promotional marketing experience. Experience that has directly helped major global household brands acquire, develop, retain and monetise customer relationships through online and offline channels.

Experience that is directly transferable to gaming. Experience that helps you build revenue.

How you can improve player engagement using Promotional Marketing techniques

Day by day, more and more, lost customer by lost customer, the Gaming industry is looking for effective ways to add real value to their customers’ experience alongside delivering commercial value to the business – and finding it tough. Promotions can help deliver.

Why is this an issue now?

Because simply changing the 3rd party licensing partnership isn’t enough anymore, there’s always going to be a new kid on the block. And adding to the prize fund in the short term is next to impossible without extraordinarily deep pockets (or talking to us about jackpot prize insurance).

Gamification and playability needs to engage and energise customers to keep them coming back for more.

Using expert advice from PIMS-SCA to help deliver channel specific promotional techniques can lift player numbers, value, loyalty and longevity.

What do we mean by promotions?

Simply put, a promotion is a way of adding short term value to your games to boost engagement. Used properly, they can be a useful targeted tool to drive specific player behaviours.

If it’s looking for more players we can work with you on finding the right way to engage and incentivise them as well as determining an appropriate prize or reward. This may mean bigger jackpots, in which case we can help with finding the right level and insuring your risk.

Acquisition, Retention and Increased Customer Value

We work with gaming clients to build promotional content directly targeted at acquisition, retention and increasing customer value.

We work with you to determine appropriate jackpot levels for these games and provide access to structured insurance for jackpots. These promotions include free prize draws.

Protecting you against risk

We protect against risks of higher than expected responses and pay out for potential prize winners on promotional activity including digital promotions, cashbacks, on-pack coupons, collector schemes and instant wins.

We understand the risks associated with promotional techniques, by channel, and the ways to minimise those risks ensuring your costs remain as planned and overspend is avoided.

Examples of Promotions in Action

Resorts Casino promo

Free to Pay Scratchcards

  • Resorts Casino
  • $2 Million prize scratch & win promotion encouraged new players to sign up and play daily
  • New Player Acquisition

M88 promo

Free Prediction Contest

  • To attract new players in target markets within Asia
  • Euro 2016 Prediction Contest with $5 Million Prize
  • New Player Acquisition

Merry Millions

Free Prediction Contest

  • Christmas jackpot promotion in turn featured on 3 daily bingo games played at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm, 1st–24th December
  • NewRate of Play – Increasing player value

Building Customers for Gaming Clients

Our Gaming team has used this promotional experience to deliver incremental customers and revenue for our Gaming and Lottery clients across the world.

Peace of Mind

As a Lloyd’s Broker and working with some of the largest insurance companies in the world, we can guarantee complete financial security for every gaming promotion – giving our clients greater peace of mind.

Promoting Games through PIMS-SCA

Talk to us for more information on how you can build promotions, prize draws, and loyalty programs to drive player numbers and increase loyalty amongst existing players.

Call us on +44 (0)20 7255 7900 or email [email protected] to discuss our widely market-tested solutions to see how we can make your marketing more cost-effective.

Recruitment & Acquisition

The toughest part of any relationship is getting it in the first place.

Gaming operators can tap into our expertise and use the same techniques for their own brands and games across multiple verticals through similar channels, with an online emphasis, but with the same success.

Match Technique to Game to Customer

We are experienced at matching techniques to channels for brands of all kinds, from banks to soft drinks, from snacks to sports goods and from cars to frozen foods.

Never forget gaming customers are also responding to the promotions we insure for televisions, computers, software, soft drinks and takeaway pizzas!

Proven Techniques By Channel

We know and can prove what techniques can be used most effectively through each channel.

  • Retail (supermarkets and on pack)
  • Live brand experience (events and shows)
  • Bought media (TV and cinema, national magazines and newspapers)
  • Earned media (websites, social media and SMS)

Retention & Loyalty

You know that customer experience is a major factor in ensuring you maintain player loyalty.

That experience can be enhanced in any number of ways, bigger prizes and jackpots, unique prizes and rewards, creative and story delivery.

Techniques that Work

We can help with delivering techniques proven to drive loyalty across multiple categories:

  • Loyalty collector schemes
  • Gift with purchase or play
  • Premium merchandise collector programmes
  • SMS Collector
  • Match’n’win campaigns

PIMS-SCA helps:

  • Plan promotional expenses
  • Eliminate budget overruns
  • Add/increase high prize values while keeping promotional budgets secure

PIMS-SCA can also help you develop free games to match gamers needs and your budget and increase your prize funds for ultimate impact.