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Digital Solutions

Trusted Solutions for the Digital Channel

Digital channels have boomed over recent years and innovative and exciting gaming experiences continue to evolve in line with consumer needs and wants. A new, digitally comfortable generation are looking for accessibility, convenience and interaction from all markets, including insurance and gaming, across all digital platforms.

Benefit – Protected against attempted fraud

Our systems, processes and secure draw procedures (preferred by Underwriters), mean that in the event of attempted fraud, you’re protected against excess responses.

Benefit – Increase revenues & engagement

Our exclusive game engine gives clients the ability to run instant win online games offering multi-million pound prizes.

Benefit – Expert digital platform integration

By integrating technology with prize insurance, the greatest level of rewards can be offered to customers across most digital platforms, whilst minimising budget and risk.

But what does this mean for you? Well, it’s very good news.

Embracing and engaging with digital channels can help reduce costs, increase audience excitement and exposure, build site traffic, and simplify measurement and engagement. But the digital world can offer as many new risks as opportunities. Working with PIMS-SCA ensures such risks are minimised.

PIMS-SCA. Trusted by the insurance industry

The insurance partner you select is important because insurers don’t trust gaming software developed by just anybody. With PIMS-SCA you can relax knowing that not only are the digital solutions we deliver underpinned by our prize coverage, but also that they’re fully embraced by the insurance industry.

Our digital expertise means your digital security

Whatever the online game or lottery and no matter the size of the prizes, using PIMS-SCA as your trusted partner means that should your online game have a one in a million winner, you’re protected from any unexpected financial exposure.

Our solutions

Online games & promotions
Whether you want to drive traffic to your website or increase customer engagement our online gaming solutions can help you do just that. Our prize coverage allows you to offer even bigger prizes, for example, giving players the chance to win a £1 million+ top prize. PIMS-SCA also design and create bespoke online games as well as providing easily branded off-the-shelf gaming solutions. All our online games can be developed without Flash, so they can run across all desktop, tablet and mobile platforms to deliver a seamless experience for the player and all are covered by our prize insurance.

Santa Search demo

View the SANTA SEARCH online demo

A safe pair of hands for digital from PIMS-SCA

Digital is simply the channel, the solutions remain the same.

Let’s discuss the possibilities that PIMS Digital solutions provide, give us a call to discuss your next digital campaign on +44 (0)20 7255 7900 or email [email protected].