BravoLoto announce €500,000 jackpot winner

Mon 25 Nov 2019 @ 14:29

PIMS-SCA partner, Marketluck, have announced one lucky BravoLoto player has won the €500,000 jackpot in their Thursday 21st November draw, with the prize payout covered and paid by PIMS-SCA.

Bravoloto is a free to play, advertiser funded, lottery app downloaded by more than 8 million users. Developed by French company Marketluck, Bravoloto runs draws every day with a range of cash prizes.

Three times a week Bravoloto run a Mega Jackpot game, with a €500,000 prize on Tuesday and Thursday and a €1M prize each Sunday. All prizes for each Mega Jackpot draw are covered by PIMS-SCA who also supply the draw system.